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Got the @NBCHotandBothered set blessed today! Thank u #PadreSergio #Blessed

Me and the beautiful @salmaHayek at the screening of her movie #TheProphet based on the book by #KhalilGibran opens in theaters Aug 7th! 

Can you deny this face? #BeggingForFood #TestingMyLove #Popeye

Thx @Eonline for your support! @jennaMClarke @smh 

Mi familia! @Diana_Maria_Riva @jencarlosmusic @amaurynolasco @jadynsworld @josebrooks @TheIzzyDiaz Y'all are gonna love this show! #FirstTableRead #Hot&Bothered #MissingAlexM

Love these shirts! 
#Repost @evalongoriamylove ・・・
Eva Longoria looks so perfect leaving the Ken Paves Salon on July 27th  #EvaLongoria #KenPaves #KenPavesSalon

Thanks @inquisitr for printing that @jennamclarke and @smh have failed to respond. They won't return calls to stand by the article and put a failed "re-edit" on the original article to avoid litigation. 

My open letter to @jennamclarke from the Sydney Morning Herald @smh who "claims" I don't wear glasses. If you had done your journalistic duty (it's actually not that hard, a more thorough google job, or one phone call to my camp and they could have provided you any documentation) you would see that I have been wearing READING glasses since May 3, 2013. Long before Specsavers @SpecsaversAustralia called me. As I have mentioned, I was getting my Master's Degree and realized the words were starting to blur and my eyes felt tired. I went in for an eye test (again on May 3, 2013) and the optometrist said I needed reading glasses and gave me a presсription from which I bought 5 pairs of glasses (again in 2013 and available for you to see). The reason your lazy journalist research of "googling" didn't turn up more pictures of me on the "red carpet" is because I don't need glasses to see far, only to READ. So unless you are in bed with me at night, or in the morning at my breakfast table reading the morning newspaper, then you probably wont find a "paparazzi" shot of me. And sorry I haven't worn glasses on a "red carpet" Jenna, but shockingly I am not usually READING a book on the red carpet! We have plenty of photos to show you of me USING READING GLASSES like when I testified in Congress for Women and Small Business in 2013 (photo attached) as I had to READ some documents in front of me. Also, when I was at a press conference for the Dubai Film Festival in 2014 (2 photos attached from my "extensive" googling) READING from my prepared speech. So next time you want to write an article calling someone "shameful" why don't you do your research because that is your responsibility as a "journalist" and the Sydney Morning Herald should hold you to that "high" standard even though you are just the Lifestyle journalist. It sounds like maybe you need some glasses yourself. In that case @SpecsaversAustralia has some awesome, stylish glasses available! I recommend the Collette Dinnigan collection! 

I could spend every Sunday for the rest of my life with this group! #Cast #Hot&Bothered @amaurynolasco @Diana_Maria_Riva @jencarlosmusic @josebrooks @JadynsWorld 

So great running into an old friend tonight! #SpecialOlympics #WorldGames @LA2015

So good seeing @nicolescherzy tonight at the Special Olympics World Games!

Hello Los Angeles, hello world!!! #SpecialOlympics #WorldGames @LA2015

AAhhhh good to be home in #LA #HomeSweetHome

A great day in #NewZealand @destinybay vineyards! Thx Sean! #DestinyBay

Psst... I have a bedding line @JCPenney. 

Guess what we did today! #SpecsaversStyle #NewZealand #BungyJump #OkayIDidntDoItButILookCoolRight 

Hey New Zealand! Guess where I was last night... #WhiteLady #SpecsaversStyle 

This morning on @BreakfastOnOne with @AliPugh and @RawdonChristie! #SpecsaversStyle @SpecsaversNewZealand 

Had to kiss this little guy too here in #Sydney, well he's actually kissing me...@TarongaZoo #SpecSaversStyle

Couldn't come to #Sydney without giving Peggy a kiss! Thx @tarongazoo for the tour! #SpecsaversStyle 



AXL ROSE MCGOWAN was bound to happen. #GNR #credit?

Thank you whomever you are, fucking not F. Scott Fitzgerald. Your words are ecstasy

 #MARFAJOURNAL #sunsetboulevard

Dawn, directed by me. On YouTube now. Go into another world for 17 minutes. Trust.


 Peekaboo I see you

Sex, Violence, Whatever #doomgeneration #Araki #jonathanschaech #jamesduval #amyblue

It's the Rose & @gregcipes show #laurelcanyon

 So this happened #yawnlife

#fbf They airbrushed out my cleft chin #thenandnow

My nephew is my double

Hey girl, I got you. by @miyakobellizzi for #Milk

 #agentprovocateur  by @afreston

Holy F! #maryjblige @casa_reale @derek_halcyon @victorkubicek #mind #blown

Shooting for #casareale #derekanderson #tbt #work #create #art #photography #puma #canon

Tonight I made some people feel by @laurengarroni #casareale #derekanderson #victorkubicek

NYC LOD @laurengarroni  LOD = Look of Death by RM


Without further "to do,” I’m thrilled to unveil the cover to #YourBeautyMark. The art of burlesque is about the slow tease, and so, too, when it came to creating my third book. What you will see in five short months goes beyond what I set out to do. This book evolved from steps to realizing the hairdos and makeup looks I love, to an ultimate guide to all things beauty, inside and out, vintage and state of the art. And it’s a lavish book that celebrates the eccentric glamour within those of us willing to evoke it. Cannot wait to give you the full reveal!

Martini glass, 2001. This was the first ever actual martini glass prop  I made the olive myself while @catherinedlish and I were on a driving tour in her van with our martini and champagne glasses in back.

One of my first photo shoots for Playboy, taken in Timothy Leary's backyard...I used to see him around a lot in the L.A. rave scene in the early 90s, he was always surrounded by admiring groupies. I'd linger around to listen to him. This photo was taken around 1996, just after he passed, and his estate was renting out his house. There were still a lot of his followers hanging around, and I remember there were several isolation tanks there. 

Trail ride  (1950s jumpsuit, "Glambassador" sunglasses from my @ditaeyewear collection) 

My collection of pinups in frames are @depopmarket. I've had these on my walls for over 15 years. I used to buy books and magazines and cut them out and put them in frames as inspiration! Download the @depopmarket app and search for me to see more listings. 

Hula hooping in Ibiza in super sheer big undies from my lingerie collection  ・・・
Repost @andrewmonarchy: video of @ditavonteese singing Girls and Boys by @blurofficial is now on YouTube.

Glamping in my @wheelsanddollbaby emerald green cardigan 

Fetish Queens

Ready for the weekend with @goldilocksg in my "Sophisticat" and "Femme Totale" sunglasses (hats from my vintage collection, earrings from @delfinadelettrez)

Last night @amfar #Repost @ulyana_sergeenko_moscow with @repostapp.

Nice to see @stephenjonesmillinery  this afternoon @ulyana_sergeenko_moscow

#Repost @ramikadi ・・・@ditavonteese wears #RamiKadi customized dress

Snapshot from my trip to Cannes in @ulyana_sergeenko_moscow

My #glambassadors @poseidianne @gregoryarlt glamorized me this afternoon at Chateau Marmont

Snapshot from Saturday's secret show for @giorgiomoroder #Repost @bryanrabin with @repostapp.

Saturday's secret show for @giorgiomoroder at Giorgio's (pic by Owen Kolasinski) I love bathing in stockings, flinging a soapy, wet stocking into the audience

Flashback Friday #ff to 1991 at a techno club called Happy Wednesdays in Redondo Beach with Rocky Raccoon and Eddie DeBarr

Celebrate love! (@scottnathanphoto)


My friend Anna capturing our reunion.... #family 

scening and scheming on set day 2. #TBACmovie

Aquatic arrival at Hudson Riverbarn

Even more of a treat when little monkey can join me on stage for @safaritalesgame story time. #safaritalesgame 


Getting geared up

Joburg Day 2 - Mandela's Doorstep. #johannesburg #southafrica #africa #madiba #mandela #nelsonmandela #apartheid #soweto

Joburg Day 1 #johannesburg #southafrica #africa #lioncub #purejoy #lions #wildlife

Perfect Day

Momo-making en masse for a Merry Christmas en famille!


Feeling happy in blue! 

With the lovely Queen at the @glamourmag Women of the Year Awards!  #ThrowbackThursday 

Enjoying this beautiful Friday! Hope you all have some fun plans for the weekend!

Shopping with my Mum and daughter Carys a few weeks ago in Spain. Yes I'm holding their bags!

So happy I bumped in to my dear pal Tom Jones in London! It was great to catch up and talk about Wales, which we always do when we get together.
What a voice, what a man.
Love Tom Jones! 

Had a great time at the London #AntMan premiere last night with the whole family. It's a wonderful movie we all loved it!!!

Had a wonderful day.
My friends for over 30 years, Mandy and Rod Bransgrove saw their dream come true as they opened their hotel alongside the Ageas bowl. Happy to have been on hand to celebrate their fantastic vision. 

One of the highlights of our trip was dinner in a cave in Jerusalem. What a thrill! Beautiful and memorable.

Photo by my daughter Carys, she loves taking pictures!

The beautiful city of Jerusalem!

Dearest Dad,

Happy Father’s Day! I love you with all my heart. Just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done to make me in to the woman I am. You are a shining example of a present and loving father. You're my best friend too. So happy we can celebrate together today. I love you Dad. #HappyFathersDay

Fun times with our dear friend Pat Riley!

Greetings from Israel!

So proud of Michael for being honored with @thegenesisprize.
We’re having an amazing family vacation!
Happy Summer Everyone! 


"Passing on the Gift" ceremony with @HeiferInternational in Cambodia 2012 

Even Penny & Rigby have started to #EmbraceChange Only 5 days left to buy and support DEEP RUN!

Poolside with @4evamartino#TBT#Polaroid

 Lunch by the sea.

Champagne, ping pong and Oscar. #TBT at @spinnewyork. photo credit @guardian 

I just love my comfy low @officinecreative_official boots. Haven't stopped wearing them since I got them.

LOVE the @premiataofficial boots I wore to the #MarilynMovie premiere. A little edgy but also so comfortable. 


Midday park nap!

#regram @pwlhitfactory ....The Locomotion is 27 today??!!!  Wow, how did that happen? TWENTY-SEVEN!!??!!!! Love and thanks to #lovers through the years..... 

#fbf by @stephanesednaoui! In the 90's when I went for the pixie crop!!!

The man himself! #tbt to Hyde Park in front of the home decorations with my old friend, #benmendelsohn 

#tbt before we had the actual red balloon!

#tbt @jendoggrif and I ready to roll.....!

#Repost @itsnotstove Hanging with one of my awesome (longtime) crew, Marcus @meltfestival. Night has now fallen and we are sooooo excited to see you onstage!

@MeltFestival dressing room vibes!!! See you tonight!!! 

OK, crazy flash eyes aside.... ️️ .... Happy birthday @AshleyWallen !  We first worked together when he danced on the Intimate and Live tour in 1998!!! WOW!!! He has choreographed KMO and the current #KylieSummer shows. Love you!!

#Repost @willybboy6127 • After show Pori Jazz Festival 

Pre-show meal....thank you #JaniLehtinen ... YUM! #Finland #KylieSummer @PoriJazz 

Sound check done! @PoriJazz OH backstage is KYLIEWORLD!!!! Hah! See you #lovers tonight!! #KylieSummer



Finally..... My album "male" is out TODAY!!! in U.S./Canada/Japan/SEAsia/LatinAmerica 
Link to iTunes is my bio!

Thank you for having me @newyorklivetv @nbcnewyork 
#bluemoon #natscovers #NatInNYC #malebynat #male

Getting ready for last day of promo!!!
#dreamteam @thimoteo @kavitakaul @michelle_jank @sophie_broughton ️️️️️️
Thank you guys for making my trip!!
#bts #hairandmakeup #glamsquad #male #malebynat #NatInNYC #natscovers 

Rosè away a long day.... The most beautiful friends of mine in NYC #aussiesinNYCplusayank #friendsforlife #catskillscrew #dudleys
@ambikaboutique @allison_neslage @themaniamania 

Kathie Lee and Hoda were so sweet this morning on @todayshow #tbt #live #male #malebynat #NatInNYC #natscovers Album out in U.S. tomorrow!!!!!

Mesmerised by Matt on @todayshow #tbt #male #natscovers #malebynat #NatInNYC

Regram from @billboard So much fun singing in the office today!!! Checkout #6Snaps @sonymaterworks @yaypinapples #NatinNYC #male #natscovers #malebynat #billboard 

What a lovely "date" with Dan from @vice ️ stay tuned for the interview!
#malebynat #natscovers #male #NatInNYC @zimmermann_

I'm in heaven... 

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после Вашего превью так винегрета захотелось....)))
я думала, что Николь выше ростом, а она с Евой почти одного кажется...


Malecka, тоже люблю))
малышки) для меня откровением недавно стало, что Имбрулья маленькая, думала, почти лошадь
хотела пост подлиннее сделать, обрезался несколько раз


Не знала, что у Умы есть инста) Пойду подпишусь)


Misery, у нее мало фото и редко)


Morkovich, вот вот и я всегда боюсь.кидаешь кидаешь фотки, а сайт потом бац и все обрезает. Печаль(((


braun6899, странно, я столько барахла наклепала, но столкнулась с обрезанием лишь с инсафотами. и сохраняла чуть ли не каждое фото отдельно, оой...


Ева как бабушка с характерным прищуром в очки смртрит))) что ж так рано то)))) с возрастом это вот вылезает в женщинах, этот прищур и подбородок с очками, не знаю понятно ли объяснмла)


Sashe, с возрастом развивается дальнозорклсть и астигматизм - с этим ничего не подедаешь))


LusillaDrake, да понятно у меня и без возраста с 10 лет полуслепость но я не об этом)

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Irissska2807, не, харизма у Умы есть, даже употребила бы нелюбимый здесь термин - порода. но то, что рыхлостью входит в возраст - правда. чуть меньше простоты бы ей
я с таким же чувством на Сью и Роуз смотрю)


Irissska2807, надо же, а мне больше всего Ума понравилась. Именно ее фото дольше всех рассматривала. Гармоничная, спокойная, аристократичная, как она на кресле сидит, ух!


Irissska2807, а что зета-джонс лучше? На сколько лет младше мужа, а выглядит как он


Irissska2807, мне раньше Ума тоже некрасивой казалась а в последнее время наоборот любуюсь ей на фото - она какая-то светящаяся, счастливая, спокойная, гармоничная


Интересно было посмотреть, все красивые и приятные!

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poltinnik, кое-что, наверное, да, слабо

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elena_dokuchaewa, вот-вот. нахрена вообще надо было это суда тащить, нравится ей, пусть сама разглядывает. кому интересно, уже и без нее посмотрели.


Кетрин З. Джонс держит пакеты таким образом, чтобы не было видно названий, откуда они. Наши же селебрити не упускают ни единой возможности засветить перед объективом все эти ЦУМ, Hermes, CHANEL и т.д. Умилительно, да и только).

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